Aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic surgery

Breast augmentation

For many women, well-shaped breasts are a sign of femininity and are therefore very important to them. Some women suffer for years from what they perceive to be excessively small breasts, and therefore opt to have their breasts enlarged, be it because they are too 'small' by nature or as a result of the process of involution caused following pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Regardless of your reasons for opting for a breast enlargement, you can be sure that with us, you're in good hands. There are a number of ways of augmenting your breasts in accordance with your wishes and aesthetic preferences. To this end, we would be glad to advise you and work with you in deciding which option is best for you specifically.

The following options are conceivable:

The use of high-quality silicone implants
Breast augmentation using fat transfer

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