Aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic surgery

Breast augmentation using fat transfer

An alternative method of breast augmentation is the use of fat transfer (lipofilling). Many women who only want a slight breast augmentation of no more than one or two cup sizes or who wish to balance out asymmetry in their breast sizes opt for a fat transfer procedure. Fat transfer procedures have the advantage that women can refrain from using implants of any kind, and the use of their own body fat enables their breasts to have a more natural tactile sensation. However, not every patient is suitable for this method, for example because nicotine intake may cause resorption of the fat tissue, which can ultimately cause unsatisfactory results. Continuous abstinence must be observed for at least six weeks prior to the operation and also following the procedure.

From where is the fat transferred?

The fat may be transferred from the thighs or stomach, for example, which for some patients presents the additional benefit of being able to reduce bothersome cushions of fat around these areas of the body.

No post-operative scars

A further benefit of lipofilling is that there no incisions need to be made on the skin. Very small needles are used to inject the body's fat, and the injection points are hardly visible afterwards.

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