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Aesthetic surgery
Cosmetic treatments

Treatment of wrinkles using a 'muscle relaxing drug'

A 'grim' facial expression caused by dynamic frown lines and crow's feet can be treated gently and painlessly with the selective use of a muscle relaxing drug. Expression wrinkles are reduced and the facial expressions seem friendly and fresh.

Is the use of a muscle relaxing drug dangerous?

A muscle relaxing drug has been used in medicine for over 40 years. It was first used for neurological purposes, and for many years has been employed in cosmetic medicine.

How does a muscle relaxing drug work?

A muscle relaxing drug is an active substance that reduces the formation of wrinkles in the face. The activity of the musculature is inhibited at the relevant location and the formation of wrinkles is prevented by relaxing the underlying musculature.

How long is the treatment effective?

Usually, and depending on how pronounced the wrinkles to be treated are, a one-time treatment with a muscle relaxing drug can last several months up to half a year.

How often can I have a muscle relaxing drug injected?

As often as you wish, there are no contraindications with any scientific basis.

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