Aesthetic surgery
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Aesthetic surgery
Cosmetic treatments

Treatment of wrinkles using hyaluronic acid

As the face ages and the number of static wrinkles grows, gentle procedures using hyaluronic acid or similar fillers can help regain your youthful freshness. The advantage here is that no operations are necessary and there is no scarring.

Hyaluronic acid

is a natural component of the skin's layers. As the skin's biological ageing process progresses, its concentration of hyaluronic acid also declines, thus diminishing the skin's capacity to store water. Cosmetic medicine has therefore been using synthetic hyaluronic acid for some time now to counteract the formation of wrinkles. It is injected under the skin and 'pads out' the appearance of wrinkles.

Which treatments with hyaluronic acid are available?

We offer a variety of treatments. Regardless of whether you wish to have small or deep wrinkles treated, typically nasolabial wrinkles, marionette lines, drooping mouth corners or many other types, or if you wish to rejuvenate your face by plumping up sunken cheeks, we will be glad to advise you on your specific needs. We will offer you the best method for you.
Congenital or age-related thinning or asymmetry of the lips can also be corrected and youthfulness restored using hyaluronic acid.

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