Aesthetic surgery
Head and face

Aesthetic surgery
Head and face

Lid tightening / Blepharoplasty (upper and lower lid)

Lid tightening is one of the most common corrective procedures that we use on the face. As we age, the tension of the skin is reduced on the upper lids in particular, causing them to droop over the eye. The underlying musculature and fat tissue also contribute to hooded eyelids, which can also cause impaired vision. The eyes frequently seem tired or sad, and how the person's face looks does not represent how the person feels.

How does lid tightening work?

Targeted tightening of the upper or lower lid 'rejuvenates' your look. You seem fresher and more awake. Upper lid tightening involves the very careful removal of the corresponding excess tissue, be it skin, muscle or fat. All that remains is a very fine scar line that is hidden by the eye fold. If corrective measures of the 'aesthetic unit' around the eye are necessary, a lifting of the upper lid is often combined with a lifting of the lower lid.

We usually perform lid tightening under local anaesthesia, and the procedure takes around one hour (it can also be performed under sedation or general anaesthesia on request). We perform combined upper and lower lid tightening under a mild general anaesthesia. Overnight inpatient care is also possible where a combination procedure is performed or if requested for an upper lid tightening.


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