Aesthetic surgery
Head and face

Aesthetic surgery
Head and face


It is often the form and size of the nose that defines whether a face is seen as beautiful, striking, unusual or interesting. It is noticed immediately as the centre point of the face, and contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the face. However, congenital deformations of the nose, accidents and injuries can not only influence the appearance of the nose but also impair its function. Patients often suffer from difficulty in breathing through the nose due to a narrowing or misplacement of the nasal septum and enlarged nasal conchae. In this case, we work on an interdisciplinary basis with our ENT partners (ear, nose and throat medicine) who will work with us to straighten the septum while we place an additional focus on the cosmetic adjustment of the nose.

If you have evidence of a medical diagnosis from an ENT physician, health insurers will frequently assume at least part of the operation costs.

Many people simply suffer from noses that are too large, crooked or deformed, which we can correct for you so that it is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for your face.

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