Aesthetic surgery
Head and face

Aesthetic surgery
Head and face

SMAS facelift

Natural aging, various environmental influences such as UV radiation and also nicotine can cause the facial skin to lose its elasticity over the course of life. The facial muscles begin to droop and the skin and fat tissues become saggy. And yet, a natural, youthful appearance is particularly important to many people. Depending on the severity of the physical or psychological effects experienced by the patient, there are a number of different ways a facelift can be performed.

Our SMAS facelift method (superficial muscular aponeurosis system) lifts the facial skin and the underlying fat tissue durably using the SMAS beneath it. We pay particular attention to making individual adjustments with due consideration given to the wishes of the patient.

It is not always necessary to lift the entire face – it is also possible to lift individual parts of the face. We also offer our patients Forehead lifts, mid-face lifts, temple lifts, brow lifts and neck lifts.


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