Post-operative checks

Post-operative checks are arranged on an individual basis with us. Depending on the operation or procedure, we may arrange one or several appointments with you. After operations and overnight stays, the first post-op check will be performed directly one day after the operation. At the patient's request, we will usually arrange an appointment for the removal of stitches a week after the operation and after a progress check. Photographic records are recommended six weeks and three months respectively after the operation. The final appointment is very important to us, because only then can we see approximately how the final result will look and work together with you in assessing the results for our quality control.

Overnight stays in a clinic

We perform procedures that enable you to leave the same day after a brief period of rest in our practice.

Larger operations that may or may not require overnight stays are performed in the Asklepios clinic located directly adjacent to our practice, where you will receive around-the-clock post-op care. Our rooms are in keeping with the highest standards and provide you with the means to gain the rest and rehabilitation you need after your operation.